Legal Notice

Information in accordance with § 5 German Broadcast Media Act TMG

Independent insurance broker in accordance with § 34 d (1) of the Trade Commerce and Industry Regulation Act. Consulting Services related to Insurance Due Diligence.

EURO Transaction Solutions GmbH

Franklinstraße 56
60486 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 970 973-100
Fax: +49 69 970 973-200

Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 6
80807 Munich
Phone: +49 89 54329-234
Fax: +49 89 54329-299

Local court
Frankfurt am Main HRB 112229
VAT-ID: DE316823815

Represented by
Jürgen Reinschmidt (Managing Director), Thomas Elleser (Managing Director), Mario Thiem (Managing Director)

Website Editor
Alessa Krampe (Office Manager)

Status Information according to § 11 of the Regulation for Insurance Broking and Consulting (Versicherungsvermittlungsverordnung)
EURO Transaction Solutions GmbH is registered with the competent authority and is accordingly entered in the Register of Brokers as an insurance Broker authorised in accordance with section 34 d (1) of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Relulation Act (Gewerbeordnung).

Register of Insurance Intermediaries
Register number D-9WRT-X2WN1-51
Competent authority
IHK Frankfurt am Main
60284 Frankfurt, Germany
Phone: +49 69 2197-0
Fax: +49 69 2197-1424

Competent Arbitration bodies if necessary
Versicherungsombudsmann e. V.,
P.O. box 08 06 32, 10006 Berlin, Germany

Ombudsmann für die private Kranken- und Pflegeversicherung
(Ombudsman for private health and care insurance)
P.O. box 06 02 22, 10052 Berlin, Germany

The type of remuneration (brokerage or fee) depends on individual agreement.

Participation in insurance companies
EURO Transaction Solutions GmbH has no direct or indirect interest of more than 10% in the voting rights or capital of an insurance company. Vice versa, no insurance company or parent company of an insurance company holds a direct or indirect interest of more than 10% in the voting rights or capital of EURO Transaction Solutions GmbH.

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